Normandy, June 1944

After the success of D-Day, the Allied commanders had the strong believe that the advance into France would go rather fast. On the contrary, it would take them months. Only think about Caen, The Seine river, …

Hardened in battle, the German forces would fiercely defend every inch of land. They also had an undeniable advantage in Normandy: The Bocage!! This natural obstacle would proof an effective line of defense and a great location for ambushes.

The real advantage allied forces had was the constant certainty to have fighter-bomber air cover available. These fighter-bombers would destroy all German vehicles which where on the roads in Normandy. All supply convoys where attacked systematically. Supplies of ammunition, spare parts, food, weapons and fuel soon ran out.

I was fortunate enough to attend a re-enactment session which shows soldiers of the 12. SS Panzer Division ‘Hitlerjugend’ in their typical Italian ‘Tele Mimetico’ camouflage on a recon mission in the Normandy area to look for fuel barrels to resupply their armored vehicles.

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